This project is inspired by the desire to connect people and their worlds’ use of music as a form of communication. In music, we must work together. Musicians and audience create a shared experience, a dialogue where ideas and feelings are continuously interchanged. This is a wonderful way to generate empathy and understanding between human beings; a connection that one day might also inspire social change in the world.

Our project is born with energy and initiative typical of schools, coupled with an eagerness to learn, communicate, and express oneself. We wish to strengthen connections between students around the world by educating through action and emotion. We do this with reference to similar initiatives begun in 2002 by the organization PLAYING FOR CHANGE as well as to the educational project VOICES AROUND THE WORLD.

The principal musical idea is based on the acoustic version of the song HOME by EDWARD SHARPE & THE MAGNETIC ZEROS.

We propose that the constituent parts of the song – verses, chorus, rhythmical and instrumental sections – be shared between all schools involved in the project, working both separately and together to create loops and produce a unique mix.

The final outcome of this project will be a Videoclip comprising the work of each school taking part worldwide, to be compiled, edited and produced by our technical team.

We will commence by assigning sections of the song to each participating school and sharing these in a musical script. There will be singing parts, in unison or in different voices, and instrumental parts, where each school will be free to use instruments of their own choosing.

Creativity and improvisation will be key to the success of the project and each school’s interpretation of its allocated section will be free; indeed, we hope that the contexts of culture and community will be evident in the way schools respond. Only the musical key and beat will remain the same.