Nice to meet all of you!

We have already started receiving files from schools. We could not avoid taking a look at some of the clips. So, so funny! We are real artists! Keep checking the blog for more updates!

First recording session!

Hello everybody!

We have just started recording the song. For many of us it’s our first time recording music, it’s very fun although we have to concentrate a lot. We’re discovering the artist we all have inside!

Here you have a video of our recording session, enjoy it!

Hello from Kuala Lumpur!!


Selamat datang everyone!! Apa Kabar?

We are super excited to be part of this amazing project with children from all around the world!! And we can’t wait to meet you all and to share our vision of what “Home” is for us and to learn about your homes…

See you at “Home”!!!

Hello everyone!

We really want to start singing and playing the song with you. So we would like to meet all the children from different schools involved in the project, so we can get to know one another.


Hello world!

We are glad to introduce you to our blog. In this webpage we will share our progress and experiences with our friends and colleagues as well as news about this music project. 

Get ready! The adventure has just begun!